New issue of Jewish Socialist

New issue of Jewish Socialist

At long last! We know you've all been holding your breath waiting for the next issue of Jewish Socialist…

An Armenian from Turkey: a personal testimony

Jewish Socialists' Group meeting on 14 May 2015 7.30pm Indian YMCA, 41 Fitzroy Street, London W1T 6AQ

The Man Who Was Friday

The Marx Memorial Library on Clerkenwell Green was packed for the launch of Dave Rosenberg's new book 'Rebel Footprints'. Alex Gordon reminded us that the room we were meeting in once housed the printing press from which came many left-wing publications. And that reminded Charlie Pottins of how a ladies' tailor from Lithuania came to be linked with the building, when Lenin was working there. It was just part of OSIP PIATNITSKY'S adventurous life. A lfe which ended tragically, but should not be forgotten..

Same old hostility, same old language

David Rosenberg finds the same crude metaphors targeting migrants down the ages.

JSG speech at UAF meeting 29 January: After France - Unity

David Rosenberg represented the JSG at the meeting organised by Unite Against Fascism on 29th January 2015, at the House of Commons, called: "After France - no to fascism, antisemitism, Islamophobia – defend civil liberties"


jewdas trip to Spain!

Armenian Holocaust

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the deportation and mass murder of Armenians in Turkey. The word genocide had not yet been coined, but the word Holocaust in its modern sense was first used of what the Armenian people went through. It was not the first such crime against humanity, and as we know,not the last. But Armenians are still waiting for acknowledgement.

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