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The Jewish Socialists' Group is a political organisation campaigning for Jewish rights and the rights of all oppressed minorities in building a socialist future.

Our members come from a variety of generations, backgrounds and affiliations across the labour and socialist movements. We unite on issues we recognise as crucial for the future of the Jewish community. We share a commitment to building the kind of socialism that will encourage minorities to express and develop their historical and cultural identities and that will liberate ordinary people of all communities from poverty, racism, sexism, oppression, and war.

Branches and groups of the JSG meet regularly in various parts of Britain. We are an open and democratic organisation that forms policy and elects officers at an annual conference open to all members. Wherever possible we work and campaign with other groups sharing some or all of our aims.


JSG affiliations

The JSG is keen to work actively with other organisations who share some or all of our perspectives. Our current affiliations are:


Founded in Lithuania in 1897, it was re-established as the World co-ordinating Committee of the Bund at a conference in Belgium in 1947. It operates currently from New York where it publishes a monthly journal Unser Tsait, in Yiddish. Bund groups continue to meet in France, Denmark, Canada, USA, Australia, Argentina Uruguay and Israel.

Contact: Jewish Labour Bund, 21 East 21st street, 3rd Floor, New York NY 10010 USA.

Enough! Coalition

A coalition of charities, trade unions, faith and other campaign groups who have come together because we want peace for Israelis and Palestinians alike.

European Jews for a Just Peace

EJJP is a coalition of Jewish groups from several European countries who came together at a conference in Amsterdam in 2002. They campaign together for an end to Israelis occupation of Palestinian territory and for a peaceful solution based on self-determination for Israeli and Palestinian Jews and Arabs, with Jerusalem serving as a capital for both Israelis and Palestinians.

National Assembly Against Racism

Established in 1994 NAAR brings together many campaigning groups and organisations combating racism in Britain today and emphasises the leading role played by the victims of racism in the movement against it.

Unite Against Fascism

Formed more recently, UAF brings together groups campaigning against racism and fascism and the far right. UAF coordinates and contributes to national and local campaigns against the BNP.

No One Is illegal

NOII is a campaigning group focusing on the rights of immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers. NOII challenge the ideology and practice of immigration control and argue for free movement of all people.

Iraq Occupation Focus

IOF combines active work against the occupation with work to challenge media lies about the war, and solidarity with labour movement bodies seeking a democratic and independent future for the people of Iraq.

Stop the War Coalition

STWC is the broadest movement campaigning against the war in Iraq and the continued occupation of Iraq. The JSG has marched on all its major demonstrations but has been critical of some of STWC’s political positions. The JSG has argued within STWC for a more positive attitude towards secularist groups opposing the war rather than seeking alliances with Islamist organisations.



The Jewish Socialists' Group makes policy at its annual National Conference, usually held in spring, where resolutions are discussed and voted upon. All members are encouraged to attend and participate in this process, which informs the activities of the group and decides priorities for the coming year.

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