Public forum: The Balfour Declaration: British interests, Palestinian resistance and Jewish reaction

5 November 2017, 7.15pm
Indian YMCA, 41 Fitzroy Square, London W1T 6AQ

Bernard Regan will draw on the material in his new book The Balfour Declaration: Empire, Mandate and Palestinian Resistance to set the British imperial scene and describe Palestinian resistance to its goals and impacts.

The declaration was controversial among Britain’s Jewish community. Nationalist Jews welcomed Balfour’s support. Other Jews remembered Balfour as the Prime Minister who delivered the Aliens Act aimed at stemming the flow of Jewish immigrants into Britain. Some leading Jewish figures opposed and denounced the Declaration

Brian Klug, will examine the contrasting Jewish responses to the Balfour Declaration.

The forum, organised by the Jewish Socialists' Group, will provide an opportunity for an in-depth exploration of this complex history and a discussion on how it impacts on the political debate about the future for Palestine and Israel.