Dybbuk:  Tears of the Merry Widow

Jewish Socialist's diarist Dybbuk discovered some interesting background on the English Defence League's rich American aunt

Tom Lehrer sang that he was "Spending Chanuka in Santa Monica", but as Purim approaches a friend tells me it was around this time last year Pamela Geller accepted the  "Queen Esther Award for Jewish Heroism" at the Shangri La  hotel in the same resort.  Her coronation, staged by the Creative Zionist Coaltion, may have encouraged 'Queen' Pam to wage war on the Queen of England, or at least a lawsuit, after she and associate Robert Spencer were refused visas to grace an English Defence League demonstration in London.
Besides anti-mosque protests in New York and postes supporting Israel as “the civilised man” against “savages”; Geller's oevre has included a video suggesting Muslims perform sex with goats, and a blog claiming President Obama's mother was involved with pornography and that he was Malcolm X’s “love child".

Grinning broadly in photographs, whether at the gullibility of her followers or from too much botox, Geller hasn't always been laughing. On January 11, 2007, Collin Thomas was shot in the back as he closed up for the night at Universal Auto Sales, on Long Island, owned by Geller's then husband, Michael Oshry. Police investigating the murder discovered. Universal Auto had been helping drug dealers and other criminals launder their profits, supplying them with fast cars, Maseratis and Aston Martins, on loans to quite different people whose names appeared on the documents.  Pamela Geller, by then divorced from Oshry, but still listed as co-owner of the business, burst into tears when told her ex was under criminal investigation.  “I have nothing to do with this,” she insisted. .

A dozen people connected with Universal Auto were arrested in 2008, but Pamela Geller remained free to collect a $4 million divorce settlement, a portion of $1.8 million from the sale of the Long Island home and then a $5 million life insurance payment when Michael Oshry died a few months after remarrying in 2008.  These windfalls have  enabled the merry widow to live in luxury on an entire floor of an upper Eastside condo, while various trusts pay for her and Robert Spencer’s political escapades. Had the pair come to Britain I doubt whether the EDL would have needed to raise their fares.

Posted: 25 June 2014  |  Published in: Jewish Socialist No 67