50th Anniversary of the Declaration of International Roma Day

Events across the world to celebrate a people with no borders

50th Anniversary of the Declaration of International Roma Day

The first International Romani Congress, organised by the Gypsy Council and the Comité International Rom, took place in 1971 in Orpington on the outskirts of London. Held on 8th April, the Congress declared that date as International Roma Day. In this 50th anniversary year, a series of events will be taking place throughout April. 

The programme dates are provisional at the moment but there will be exhibitions and artistic online events, a virtual pilgrimage and live podcast from outside Cannock House where the Congress took place, moving on to the Bull Pub where the Gypsy Council was founded five years earlier. 

On the day itself there will be an online link to the 50th International World Romani Congress. The meeting will start in London, then go to Berlin before moving on to other international hubs, including Skopje, Buenos Aires, Moscow, Istanbul, Bucharest, Bangalore and New Delhi and, it is hoped, involve 35 other centres. 

This is a tremendously ambitious, electronically-facilitated Congress for a people with no borders. Ironic, then, that there are many who prefer to talk about Roma Nation Day rather than International Roma Day – an echo perhaps of the conflict between Zionism and Bundism.

Posted: 21 January 2021