Aussie Jewish site asks do you know what JNF does with your money?

Australian Jewish Democratic Society questions Jewish National Fund's "green" credentials and says the "charity" is engaged in ethnic cleansing.

A website hosted by the Melbourne-based Australian Jewish Democratic Society is asking Jewish people whether they really know and approve of what the Jewish National Fund (JNF) is doing with their money.

The website accuses the JNF of taking land from Palestinians and Bedouins, funding infrastructure for “illegal” settlements and planting trees in an environmentally destructive manner.

“The JNF promotes itself as a green charity, fund-raising in Jewish communities around the world to support tree planting, and other environmental initiatives in Israel,” the website says. “But what is the JNF really doing with your money?”

Jem Light, a spokesperson from the AJDS, said: “Many Jews give to the Jewish National Fund without having enough information about their activities. We are aiming to expose some of the more unsavory and discriminatory policies of the JNF. Once people find out, I’m sure they will seriously reconsider their donations.”

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Posted: 19 November 2014