Borders Kill

This is the speech made on behalf of the Jewish Socialists' Group by Dave Landau at the Don’t Let Them Drown – Refugees Welcome Emergency Solidarity Protest in London on 27th November 2021

Borders Kill

Borders Kill. We have known this for decades, but this tragedy should leave everyone in no doubt of its truth.

We have seen it in the Channel.

We have seen it in the Mediterranean.

We see it when the Home Office deports people into danger.

We saw it when they refused to allow in adult Jewish refugees from the Nazis.

There are good people who are advocating making it possible for people to make claims for asylum in Britain through offices in France. This will certainly help some people. But only the ones which the British authorities decide are genuine and deserving.

What about everyone else? The people the Home Office decide are undeserving?  What happens to them, who have risked all to get to Europe? Will they be left to fester in camps in France, beaten by the French police and at the mercy of the traffickers? Or will they be deported to Syria, Turkey, Afghanistan, and Yemen?

Immigration controls and borders are inherently racist and discriminatory. They criminalise people because of where they were born, where their parents were born, the language they speak, whether or not they embrace British Values, whatever those might be.

We are all deserving. Immigration controls and borders kill. Brick by brick we must tear down the walls of both Fortress Europe and Fortress Britain.

Open the borders!          

No one is illegal!



Posted: 28 November 2021