Britain Is Broken. Strike, Resist, General Election Now

Join us this Saturday along with the Peoples' Assembly, trade unions, environmentalists and every citizen who is affected by the economic chaos caused by this government.


On Saturday 5th November, the Jewish Socialists' Group will be taking part, with our banner, in the national demonstration in London called by the People's Assembly over the political and economic crisis in Britain. Its slogans are:

"Britain is Broken. Strike. Protest. Resist. General Election now!"

So many communities are suffering. People are angry and frustrated. We have to ensure that the anger is turned against those that have brought us to this situation. The fascists and the far right within the Tory Party will be looking to exploit the economic crisis and divide communities against each other. They are busy reviving their conspiracy theories and using buzzwords such as "globalists', "North London elite" etc. to divert blame elsewhere. The Home Secretary, Suella Braverman is deliberately ratcheting up hate against asylum-seekers arriving at Dover. We have to ensure that an anti-racist and anti-fascist consciousness absolutely pervades our resistance movement to this crisis of capitalism. We must unite across all the communities that are suffering. And this week we can take inspiration especially from Lula's victory in Brazil over the far-right president Bolsonaro.We very much hope members and friends of the JSG and other Jewish groups will join us so we can march together. We will be meeting from 12-12.20pm OUTSIDE TEMPLE STATION then joining the march as it assembles along the Embankment. It will be marching across Westminster Bridge, then back over Lambeth Bridge and heading past Parliament and Downing Street to a rally in Trafalgar Square. See you there!


Posted: 1 November 2022