Daloy Politsey

Message of solidarity to the owners of The Pink Peacock café

Daloy Politsey

The Jewish Socialists’ Group sends solidarity to comrades of the Pink Peacock Queer Yiddish Anarchist café after the recent attacks you have experienced against your premises, followed by the ludicrous charge of "breach of the peace" for displaying a “Fuck the Police" tote bag. We are very glad that the reverse side of the bag with the original "daloy politsey” statement remains visible in the window.

Daloy Politsey (Down With the Police) was sung on demonstrations by our political forebears as part of their courageous collective struggle against antisemitism and state repression in Tsarist Russia. At the Jewish Socialists’ Group's annual secular socialist Seder Nights we continue this tradition and sing the chorus with the modern colloquial translation popularised by Geoff Berner. 

Instead of harassing the Pink Peacock staff, the police could make better use of their time tracking down the paskudniakes (scoundrels) who have daubed paint over the front of your premises and smashed your window. 

Daloy politsey! Solidarishkeyt fun undzer grupe! Zayt gezunt un shtark!   (Down with the Police! Solidarity from our group. Be healthy and strong!)

In khavershaft (In comradeship)

For more information about the police action and the community support for The Pink Peacock click on the link below to the article by Vashti Media 


Posted: 17 June 2021