Jewish Bloc on National Demo: United Against Racism and Fascism

Please join us. On Saturday 16th March the Jewish Bloc will meet at the corner of Curzon Street and Park Lane, London W1K 1RB from 11.45am - 12.15pm, and will then join the rally/march.

Jewish Bloc on National Demo: United Against Racism and Fascism

On Saturday 16th March anti-racists in more than 20 countries will be marching though cities to protest against all racism, including antisemitism, and the menacing growth of the far-right, to defend migrants and refugees, and to celebrate diversity.

In Britain, and especially in central and eastern Europe, antisemitism is rising: swastika daubings, Holocaust denial, verbal abuse, physical assaults. Jewish people urgently need to unite with their natural allies among other groups targeted by racists and fascists – Muslims, migrants, refugees, Roma, LGBTQ+, and victims of the devastating Windrush Scandal spawned by Theresa May’s Hostile Environment policy.

The Jewish Socialists’ Group is calling on Jewish organisations, individuals and allies to form a large and powerful Jewish bloc on this national demonstration. Bring banners, placards, family, friends and comrades.

No to antisemitism! No to Islamophobia! No to all racism! Refugees welcome here! Always with the oppressed, never with the oppressor!

The demonstration will be starting from Park Lane near the Dorchester Hotel and marching to Whitehall. There will be rallies with speakers and musicians at the assembly point at the beginning and also at the end of the march.

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Posted: 5 March 2019