The Jewish Workers’ Bund – Past, Present and Future

Hot off the computer – a new pamphlet from the Jewish Socialists' Group on the Jewish Workers' Bund!

The Jewish Workers’ Bund – Past, Present and Future

The history and ideas of the Bund have been a source of strength and insight for Jews and other minorities for 125 years. The Jewish Workers' Bund was founded in 1897 and was at the height of its influence and creativity in inter-war Poland.

Today new generations are discovering the significance of its politics, grounded in the principle that wherever we live, that is where we belong . This principle not only aligns with the way Jewish people have lived throughout most of their history, it validates the struggles of all groups fighting against prejudice, discrimination and persecution

The Jewish Socialists’ Group has, for many years, been inspired by the Jewish Workers’ Bund in our campaigning, analysis and cultural activities. This has enriched our politics. We hope that these insights, experiences and ideas will strengthen today’s movements against racism and fascism, and for social justice and real equality across the world, and give us all courage in these troubling times.

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Posted: 12 February 2023