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No 77
Autumn/Winter 2022

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A right royal time was not had by all
Protesting for the right to protest;
Seeking justice for refugees
Missing children, stolen lives
JSG Conference – an international affair
Strengthening Jewish support for migrants
The Jewish Socialist archive


Ask the Rabbi


Cruelty on our doorsteps
Rayah Feldman shows how the Hostile Environment poisons attitudes and makes migrants’ lives harder

The year past and the year to come
Reflections on Israel/Palestine: Sara Van Gunst of Kav LaOved, the Workers Hotline describes the situation of asylum seekers; Rachel Beitarie of Zochrot argues that the worsening situation goes beyond political parties; Kamel Hawwash of Palestine Solidarity looks to the international arena but sees little cause for hope

This land is our land
Julia Bard says that searching for our origins is not a progressive or useful basis for fighting for justice and rights

Building a better world
Left-wing Jews played a major part in establishing groundbreaking housing co-operatives in New York. Glyn Robbins discovered a living tradition

Bund 125
On the 125th anniversary of the Bund, we reproduce a rich tapestry of writing from contributors to Jewish Socialist, and find out what Bundism means to people today

East London frontline
David Rosenberg gives a portrait of anti-fascist activism as the far right re-emerged in the stormy 1970s

Turbulent emotions on a Holy Land tour
Stuart Goodman describes his feelings on a recent visit, and Suzi Rosedale explains how she came to be a tour guide for Christian pilgrims


Living with Shadows
Whatever Happened to Antisemitism?
Socialism in Yiddish: The Jewish Labor Bund in Sweden
Yiddish Revolutionaries in Migration


Linda Shampan
David Kessel, with poems

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