Jewish Socialist

No 78
Summer 2023

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Letter from Chile – unkept promises
Spanish Civil War: new law brings recognition for descendants
Windrush 75 – a bitter-sweet anniversary
The Jewish Socialist archive


Change the World
From Where I’m Standing: Holocaust memorialisation
Ask the Rabbi


Repair work
Jenn Meeropol describes the visionary and restorative work of the Rosenberg Fund for Children

A threat from above and below
Itamar Shapira paints a sombre picture of the prospects in Israel/Palestine

Demonstrating for what?
Michael Sappir analyses the protests in Israel and the wider political context

Protest violently repressed in Berlin
Wieland Hoban describes increasingly draconian restrictions on demonstrations in support of Palestinians

Warsaw Ghetto Uprising and Zygielbojm’s suicide
Reflections from people across the world on the 80th anniversary of the final destruction of the ghetto
Irena Klepfisz remembers the role of Bundists. David Rosenberg keeps the memory alive. Zuzanna Hertzberg celebrates everyday heroism. Arthur Zygielbaum remembers his grandfather’s courage. Sue Levi Hughes reports on a poignant exhibition. Ruth Lukom asks who owns the memory.

Inspired by the past, singing for today
David Rosenberg in conversation with radical Yiddish musician, Daniel Kahn

A precious legacy
Michael Heiser traces the life of the Bund’s early principal theorist, Vladimir Medem

A licence to kill?
Dave King says genetic modification of human beings is dangerous and divisive

Simone Weil – a reluctant Jew
Mike Peters looks at the life of a courageous and challenging philosopher


German History Unbound: From 1750 to the Present

In My Grandfather’s Shadow: A Story of War, Trauma and the Legacy of Silence

Living Revolution: Anarchism in the Kibbutz Movement


Beatty Orwell

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