March with pride on 3rd October!

March with pride on 3rd October!

25 September 2021: Cable Street 85th Anniversary march and rally. Assemble 1pm Junction of Cable Street, Leman Street and Dock Street. Marching to the Cable Street Mural/St George’s Gardens.

The Plagues of today

22 July 2021: The Ten Plagues are part of the Passover story. What are the plagues on society today? Our film outlines them.

Football Matters

21 July 2021: As Euro 2020 so forcefully reminded us - "the beautiful game" is awash with racism. But it isn't just the ugly outpourings of Tory MPs, newspapers and individuals.

Daloy Politsey

17 June 2021: Message of solidarity to the owners of The Pink Peacock café

Statement from Na’amod

9 May 2021: The JSG fully supports this statement. We too "stand with Palestinians facing violence and displacement."

The Jewish Socialists’ Group Yom Kippur Message

14 September 2021: Ending climate change requires a socialist solution

Partners in hate crime

3 August 2021: Antiracists and anti-fascists responded speedily to news that Prime Minister Boris Johnson would be welcoming his Hungarian counterpart, Europe’s most Islamophobic, anti-migrant leader, for a cosy chat at 10 Downing Street. At less than 48 hours notice, Stand Up To Racism called a protest and contacted Jewish, Muslim and Gypsy Roma Traveller groups here, mirroring the communities Orbán has targeted in Hungary. On the eve of his visit, the Jewish Socialists’ Group organised a twitterstorm exposing Orbán and criticising Johnson’s invitation. Roma, Muslim and Jewish activists and other antiracists spoke at the protest. Here is the speech made by ROB FERGUSON, who is descended from Hungarian Jews.

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