Happy Hanukah

Happy Hanukah

8 December 2023: This is the festival of lights and a miracle.

A Home Secretary who swims in polluted waters

6 November 2023: Speech by David Rosenberg at the “Braverman out. Stop the Hate. Unity not Division” protest event on Saturday 4th November 2023, organised by a coalition of groups initiated by Stand Up To Racism. Photo: Dave Gilchrist

Ceasefire now. End the siege of Gaza.

28 October 2023: Statement by the Jewish Socialists’ Group – updated 28th October 2023

Gaza responses

17 October 2023: We have collected some resources respondng to the shocking events in Gaza, Israel and the West Bank which we think will help people understand, express their views and feelings, and take action to end the siege and avert further atrocities.

Coexistence or No Existence.  End Occupation. End Apartheid

13 October 2023: Statement by the Jewish Socialists’ Group, updated 12th October 2023

Coexistence or No Existence. End Occupation. End Apartheid

8 October 2023: Statement from the Jewish Socialists' Group

A time for reflection and change

24 September 2023: Yom Kippur begins on the evening of 24 of September 2023 (5784 in the Jewish calendar).

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