BOOK REVIEW The Man Who Might Have Been

7 October 2014: BLACKSHIRT Sir Oswald Mosley and British Fascism, by Stephen Dorril Reviewed by Charlie Pottins

Harry (Larry) Wayne - An Ordinary -Extraordinary Life - 1934-2008

5 September 2014: Naomi Wayne, whose father wrote 'Union Bread', is mainly active in Jews for Justice for Palestinians. But here she writes about her father's life.

Yeast Enders

5 September 2014: Sadly, lifelong left-wing activist Larry Wayne did not live to see his work on the Jewish Bakers' Union published. But the Jewish Socialists' Group is proud to have partnered the Socialist History Society to bring out this remarkable story of how a group of immigrant and minority workers waged a tenacious struggle for decent pay, conditions and dignity, as part of the trade union movement. Many things have changed, but not the need for the spirit they bequeathed.

Rebel Music

18 July 2014: "It is a measure of the cultural and political crisis within Israeli Society that its most famous singer struggles to get her songs past the radio censors and has refused to perform in the country for the last three years." (A 2005 review on Chava Alberstein)

Howard’s Bend

18 July 2014: Novelist Howard Jacobson attacked the motives of those who condemned Israeli onslaughts on Gaza, and his prize-winning book 'The Finkler Question' savagely caricatured Jewish critics. Jacobson was feted by some journals, but Deborah Maccoby, who reviewed the book for Jewish Socialist, was not impressed,

A life for the struggle

18 July 2014: Henry Suss and the Jewish Working Class of Manchester and Salford. interviews with Dave Chapple.