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East End Walks
Bringing London's radical history to life.

Gush Shalom
Principled Israeli peace campaigners

Jews for Justice for Palestinians
UK-based campaign

Scottish Jews for Just Peace :

Opposed to Israeli policies that undermine the livelihoods, human, civil and political rights of the Palestinian people and the ethical and political welfare of the Jewish people.
We want Jewish opinions critical of Israeli policy to be heard in Scotland, and for the Scottish Jewish community to realise that protest against Israeli policies is real and growing within the community.

 Australian Jewish Democratic Society
"A progressive voice among Jews, and a Jewish voice among progressives".

Canada's progressive Jewish magazine.

Union des Progressistes Juifs en Belgique

Een Andere Joods Geluid
Another Jewish Voice, group in Netherlands whose initiative led to European Jews for Just Peace.(EJJP)

Jews for Israel-Palestinian Peace (JIPF)

Swedish group affiliated to EJJP.

Palestinian-initiative uniting Jews and Arabs in non-violent direct action and solidarity against occupation.

Physicians For Human Rights, Israel
Campaigns, delivers services to remote villages, medical advocacy for prisoners

Iraqi Jews in Israel

Ramat Gan-based Committee of Baghdadi Jews aims to reclaim history of Jews in Iraq, oppose its misuse by State or Zionist movement, and assert rights and interests of all, whether from Baghdad, Basra or Mosul, Iraq or Kurdistan. 


Electronic Intifada
Palestinian news site based in US, well-produced and informative.

972 mag independent online Israeli news magazine.


Southall Black Sisters
Asian and Afro-Caribbean women's group combines advocacy and service with activist campaigning.


Medem Centre, Arbeiter Ring 

Jewish cultural centre in Paris taking its name from Vladimir Medem, a leader of the Jewish Workers Bund, and its inspiration from the Bund's tradition, to promote secular and Diasporic Jewish language and culture.


 Friends' Blogs:

Crazy Country, by Adam Keller, Israeli peace activist and a founder of Gush Shalom