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Spring 2024

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4          Restoring Polish democracy?

13        The Jewish Socialist archive

20        Rebirth of the Bund – founding statement


4          Change the World

7          Wisewords

 23        Ask the Rabbi – sponsored promotion


5          More than a question of numbers
Joseph Finlay makes an in-depth assessment of the Community Security Trust’s report on antisemitism in Britain in 2023

8          The far right under wraps
Jeremy Green investigates a newspaper and a movement with far-right views but a radical cultural style

10        Fash appeal
David Rosenberg argues that, while far-right voices are getting a hearing in unlikely quarters, the left is hampered in understanding its appeal

12        National myths and racialised morality
Michael Heiser investigates the relationship between classical fascism and rising ethnonationalism today

14        A broken narrative of military security
Michael Sappir talked to Jewish Socialist about the politics of the far right in Israel

16       Creative to the bitter end
Mike Peters uncovers the life of Jura Soyfer, a young man whose wit and courage should inspire us today

18        Jews on the march
Ruth Lukom reports on the creative coalition of groups that have come together to form a visible Jewish Bloc in solidarity with the Palestinians

20        Crossing Borders – a Scottish event
Sue Bard describes a vibrant initiative combining Scottish and Jewish culture to call for peace and justice in Palestine and Israel

20        Inside the Zion’s den
Dana Mills kept a diary for the first four months of the Gaza war. We publish three extracts

24        Wherever we live, that’s where we belong
Julia Bard contributed a diasporist perspective to a teach-in on anti-Zionism, activism and liberation for all

26        What did you learn in school today?
Ed Rosen looks back at his years at the Jews’ Free School in the rebellious 1960s

29        Journey from a lost world
Graham Bash reviews Avi Shlaim’s groundbreaking personal and political autobiography


31        The Bund: A Graphic History of Jewish Labour Resistance

32        I’ll Burn that Bridge when I Get to It: Heretical Thoughts on Identity Politics, Cancel Culture and Academic Freedom

33        Child Migrant Voices in Modern Britain

34        Where are the Elephants? A Memoir


35        Rosamine Hayeem

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