Vigil for shipwrecked refugees

Vigil for shipwrecked refugees

15 June 2024: A year after the coastguards first abandoned then facilitated the wrecking of a fishing vessel packed with refugees off the coast of Greece, Julia Bard spoke at a vigil outside the Greek embassy in London

How do we honour the ghetto resisters?

19 April 2024: JSG statement on the anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

Wherever we live, that’s where we belong

7 February 2024: Two months into the war in Gaza, on 29th November 2023, a group of activists and academics organised an online teach-in on Jewish Solidarity with Palestinians entitled “Anti-Zionism, Activism and Liberation for All”. Julia Bard of the Jewish Socialists’ Group was one of the speakers.

Push against that deafening silence

6 February 2024: On Saturday 3rd February, Max Gerber, on behalf of the Jewish Bloc, addressed the Palestine demo in Whitehall, London. This is his speech.

Ceasefire now. End the siege of Gaza.

28 October 2023: Statement by the Jewish Socialists’ Group – updated 28th October 2023

Gaza responses

17 October 2023: We have collected some resources respondng to the shocking events in Gaza, Israel and the West Bank which we think will help people understand, express their views and feelings, and take action to end the siege and avert further atrocities.

Coexistence or No Existence.  End Occupation. End Apartheid

13 October 2023: Statement by the Jewish Socialists’ Group, updated 12th October 2023

Coexistence or No Existence. End Occupation. End Apartheid

8 October 2023: Statement from the Jewish Socialists' Group

A time for reflection and change

24 September 2023: Yom Kippur begins on the evening of 24 of September 2023 (5784 in the Jewish calendar).

Happy New Year! A gut yor! Shana tova!

15 September 2023: Wishing all our comrades, supporters and friends a better and sweeter world for the many, not the few, in the coming year.

Drowning in a sea of racism

20 August 2023: Jewish Socialists’ Group statement on the Illegal Immigration Act

The Dome of the Dictatorship

30 July 2023: “We’ll meet under the dome of the dictatorship” says Ghassan Monayer to Israeli Jews who talk to him about the mass protests in Israel. Ruth Lukom reports

A bitter-sweet anniversary

21 June 2023: Jewish Socialists’ Group statement 75 years after the arrival in Britain of the Empire Windrush

Remember Szmul Zygielbojm!

11 May 2023: He used every means, including his own life, to persuade the Allied powers to take extraordinary action to save the remaining Jews in Poland, but they had other priorities.

Time to decolonise the Holocaust

26 January 2023: David Rosenberg was on the Holocaust Memorial Day panel organised by Stand Up To Racism on 24th January 2023. He gave this powerful speech on behalf of the Jewish Socialists' Group, pointing not only to the direct perpetrators but to the states, governments, professionals and politicians who enabled them to commit mass industrialised murder

Challenge borders: no one is illegal

22 October 2022: David Rosenberg spoke on behalf of the Jewish Socialists' Group at the International Conference on Racism and Fascism organised by Stand Up to Racism on 15th October. Here is his speech.

Who by fire?

3 October 2022: Yom Kippur 5783 – 2022

Redefining antisemitism

22 September 2022: Julia Bard reviews Antony Lerman's new book, a detailed account of the prolonged and determined attempt to change the generally understood meaning of antisemitism

Jewish Socialists’ Group message at Stop Rwanda protest

7 September 2022: David Landau, of the Jewish Socialists' Group National Committee speaks out against the Tories racist deportation plans

Solidarity in Action

17 June 2022: The Jewish Socialists’ Group made its own contribution to the Week of Action organised through the Solidarity Knows No Borders network, with a protest outside the Daily Mail.

Jewish solidarity with Palestinians on the streets of London

14 May 2022: A lively and diverse Jewish Bloc participated in London's End Apartheid – Free Palestine! demonstration on 14th May 2022

Celebrating struggles for freedom at Passover 2022

23 April 2022: More than 50 people took part in the Jewish Socialists' Group’s annual Secular Socialist Seder, held online on the last night of Passover

Statement on the Rwanda Plan

20 April 2022: from the Jewish Socialists' Group

Ghetto Uprising 19th April 1943

19 April 2022: Remembering the resistance on both sides of the wall

Remembering David Kessel – poet, anti-fascist, Jewish socialist

31 March 2022: Today, it is the funeral of our friend and comrade David Kessel, a Jewish Socialists’ Group member in the East End, and a generous supporter, who died on 8th March 2022 at the age of 74.

UN Antiracism Day leaflet

22 March 2022: There was a good group marching with us in the Jewish Bloc on last Saturday's demonstration for the International Day Against Racism. Here is the text of the leaflet we handed out which included our statement on anti-racism and our position on Ukraine.

News from Israel & Palestine

13 March 2022: As the world looks elsewhere, we've gathered some news and other updates from social media on another independent state fighting for recognition and being bombed and brutalised by its heavily militarised neighbour.

Joining the dots in our struggles against racism

14 February 2022: Jewish Socialists' Group statement

The right to remember

28 January 2022: A battle is being waged over who is permitted to tell our history and who owns our memories.

What we were unable to shout out to the world

27 January 2022: Collective action, resistance and the creation of memory, knowledge and hope are the themes of this talk given by David Rosenberg at Stand Up To Racism’s 2022 Holocaust Memorial Day event

The Plagues of today

22 July 2021: The Ten Plagues are part of the Passover story. What are the plagues on society today? Our film outlines them.

Football Matters

21 July 2021: As Euro 2020 so forcefully reminded us - "the beautiful game" is awash with racism. But it isn't just the ugly outpourings of Tory MPs, newspapers and individuals.

Daloy Politsey

17 June 2021: Message of solidarity to the owners of The Pink Peacock café

Statement from Na’amod

9 May 2021: The JSG fully supports this statement. We too "stand with Palestinians facing violence and displacement."

A taste of our secular socialist Seder 2023

12 April 2023: The plague of modern slavery

150 years on Rudolf’s ideas and legacy still rock!

25 March 2023: David Rosenberg celebrates a rebel with a righteous cause

Jewish Socialists against racism and fascism here and everywhere

18 March 2023: On Saturday 18th March 2023,the JSG will join a Jewish Bloc on a mass protest against all racism and in support of refugees under attack from government ministers and mobs incited by fascists

Time to speak out and take action against racism, the occupation and the far right

13 March 2023: A Jewish Socialists' Group statement

The Jewish Workers’ Bund – Past, Present and Future

12 February 2023: Hot off the computer – a new pamphlet from the Jewish Socialists' Group on the Jewish Workers' Bund!

Britain Is Broken. Strike, Resist, General Election Now

1 November 2022: Join us this Saturday along with the Peoples' Assembly, trade unions, environmentalists and every citizen who is affected by the economic chaos caused by this government.

Happy New Year! A gut yor! Shona Tova!

25 September 2022: This Rosh Hashona we think of how to create a new, brighter future.

Emergency Rally for Palestine

10 August 2022: An emergency demonstration has been called by Palestine Solidarity and other groups today (Wednesday 10th August 2022) at 6pm.

We mourn together, we protest together

26 May 2022: Remembering George Floyd, murdered two years ago this week

The event they couldn’t prevent

8 February 2022: A chance to see the Holocaust Memorial Day presentation that went ahead despite attempts to block it

Left-wing Jews support Gabriel Boric, Chile’s president-elect

20 December 2021: During the election campaign in Chile, the Diana Arón Jewish Collective made this statement in support of the leftist candidate Gabriel Boric, and against an authoritarian regression

Borders Kill

28 November 2021: This is the speech made on behalf of the Jewish Socialists' Group by Dave Landau at the Don’t Let Them Drown – Refugees Welcome Emergency Solidarity Protest in London on 27th November 2021

TUC and ICAHD statements in support of Palestinian Human Rights Groups

5 November 2021: Many organisations and individuals have condemned the Israeli government's designation of six Palestinian human rights organisations as "terrorist" The TUC's strong statement is supported by many of the UK's biggest trade unions and the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD) statement outlines in detail the implications for others supporting the work of the six, and why prominent Israeli government figures have an interest in silencing them.

Remembering Tree of Life - Our solidarity will defeat white nationalism

27 October 2021: Three years since the murderous antisemitic attack at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh. Reprinted from Bend the Arc: Jewish Action

Cable Street 85 years on

4 October 2021: We did what Mosley failed to do – marched with pride along Cable Street!

March with pride on 3rd October!

25 September 2021: Cable Street 85th Anniversary march and rally. Assemble 1pm Junction of Cable Street, Leman Street and Dock Street. Marching to the Cable Street Mural/St George’s Gardens.

The Jewish Socialists’ Group Yom Kippur Message

14 September 2021: Ending climate change requires a socialist solution

Support Kosovan Roma in their fight for justice

8 June 2021: International vigils to mark the violence and ethnic cleansing perpetrated against the Roma population of Kosovo to be held on 13th June 2021

Partners in hate crime: Orban and Johnson

27 May 2021: A statement by the Jewish Socialists' Group

Without justice there can be no peace

20 May 2021: Statement by the Jewish Socialists’ Group

Jewish socialists support the Palestinians

17 May 2021: The Jewish Bloc at the Free Palestine demonstration

End the pogrom in Jerusalem

11 May 2021: Jewish Socialists' Group statement

Sumarin family eviction

2 April 2021: On 5th April the Israeli Supreme Court will decide the case for the forcible eviction of the 18-member Palestinian Sumarin family from their home in Silwan, East Jerusalem, located directly below the Old City.

Oppose the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill!

18 March 2021: Jewish Socialists stand by our Romani and Traveller Sisters and brothers against persecution

International Women’s Day

8 March 2021: Celebrating all the inspirational, ordinary and extraordinary women

Polish nationalism takes a more threatening turn

12 February 2021: The verdict against two Holocaust historians in a libel trial has chimed with sinister actions by the Polish state, which are encouraging more open expressions of antisemitism. David Rosenberg reports

Workers strike at Jewish Care home

26 January 2021: Sage – one of the many private care homes across the country – runs a Jewish Care home in Golders Green. Covid-19 has placed intolerable burdens on staff as they deal with the suffering and deaths of residents who had become friends and unable to call on the support of the residents’ families.

Holocaust Memorial Day online event 26th January

26 January 2021: The Jewish Socialists’ Group was very pleased to be represented at “Never Again” the Holocaust Memorial Day online event, hosted by Stand Up To Racism

50th anniversary of the 1971 World Romani Congress - Update

21 January 2021: A full programme of events across the world to celebrate a people with no borders

A Celebration of Jewish Radicalism

30 December 2020: A chance to catch up with this wonderful evening of ideas, discussion, exploration and culture held in mid-December. Click on the link at the end of the article to watch the recording.

Antisemitism, the EHRC and Jeremy Corbyn

28 November 2020: Jewish Socialists’ Group statement

Roma Holocaust Day

31 July 2020: Sunday 2nd August is Roma Holocaust Day and there will be a Holocaust Commemoration organised by United Roma Network at 12 noon at Parliament Square followed by a march to Europe House. Our speaker, David Landau, cannot travel safely to the commemoration on public transport due to the coronavirus risk, but his speech will be read out and we hope other JSG members and friends will be able to get there safely to convey our solidarity.

Black Lives Matter!  Solidarity against racist brutality and discrimination

5 June 2020: Statement by the Jewish Socialists’ Group

No compromise with occupation and annexation

15 May 2020: Jewish Socialists' Group statement on Nakba Day/Israeli Independence Day 2020

To freedom, to health, to solidarity!

9 April 2020: A Passover message from the Jewish Socialists’ Group

All who oppose the Occupation must unite against Trump’s “Deal of the Century”!

31 January 2020: Statement by the Jewish Socialists' Group

All who oppose the Occupation must unite against Trump’s “Deal of the Century”!

31 January 2020: Statement by the Jewish Socialists' Group

Vigil in support of North London’s Jewish Community

30 December 2019: The pavement in Hampstead was crammed with people who gathered in solidarity with the targets of a spate of antisemitic graffiti

Jews for a Labour victory

22 November 2019: Statement by Jewish Socialists on the coming UK General Election

Happy New Year שנה טובה

29 September 2019: The Jewish Socialists' Group wishes everyone a Happy New Year.

Jewish Socialists’ Group Statement

16 September 2019: The Israeli General Election September 2019

Jewish antiracists speak out against the new PM

24 July 2019: Jewish Socialists’ Group statement on Boris Johnson becoming Prime Minister

Jewish Socialist No 72 on sale!

22 July 2019: The new issue of the magazine is back from the printers and is selling fast

Speak out against Trump

3 June 2019: Statement by the Jewish Socialists' Group

From London to Warsaw

13 April 2019: Jewish Socialists head to Poland to unite with anti-fascists

Jewish Bloc on National Demo: United Against Racism and Fascism

5 March 2019: Please join us. On Saturday 16th March the Jewish Bloc will meet at the corner of Curzon Street and Park Lane, London W1K 1RB from 11.45am - 12.15pm, and will then join the rally/march.

United in memory of the Holocaust

25 January 2019: Statement by Jewish Voice for Labour and the Jewish Socialists' Group

Remembering and resisting

21 January 2019

80 years after Kristallnacht

7 November 2018: On this anniversary of the terrifying 1938 attack on Jews across Nazi Germany, fascism is on the march again and we need to find new and powerful ways to resist, starting on 17th November

Pittsburgh Shooting

28 October 2018: Jewish Socialists’ Group statement on the attack against the Tree of Life synagogue on Saturday 27th October 2018, when the congregation had gathered for the weekly service.

Defend the Code, Defend Democracy

2 September 2018

Equal Rights, Not Apartheid!

25 July 2018: Statement by Jewish Socialists’ Group

Jewish Bloc at Trump Protests and Unity Protest Against the Far Right

8 July 2018: Details for the Jewish Bloc on 13th July at the Trump Protests and on 14th July at the anti-fascist protests

We must define antisemitism to fight it effectively

16 June 2018: The Jewish Socialists' Group is pleased to be one of the four Jewish organisations that endorsed this letter, signed by many prominent academics and others, which was published in The Guardian on 15th June 2018

Jewish Socialists back call for Inquiry into Tory Islamophobia

4 June 2018

Gaza: Stop the Massacre – Emergency Protest

15 May 2018: 15th May 2018 5:30 - 7pm Opposite 10 Downing Street, London

75th anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

18 April 2018: Statement by the Jewish Socialists’ Group

Oppose antisemitism and malicious accusations by supporters of the Tory Party

26 March 2018: Jewish Socialists’ Group statement

How Salonika became disfigured by antisemitism

27 January 2018: Kevin Ovenden charts how the birthplace of the Greek working-class and socialist movement has come to be riven by the far right and rabid nationalist forces.

Remembering the horrors of Auschwitz

27 January 2018: On Holocaust Memorial Day, David Rosenberg looks back on his recent visit to the most notorious of the Nazi death camps and reflects on the collision of the past and an increasingly racist present

Jewish Socialists’ Group statement on Trump’s announced move of the US embassy to Jerusalem

6 December 2017

Condemnation is not enough. Cancel Trump’s visit now!

29 November 2017: Jewish Socialists' Group statement

Bundism – 120 years young!

20 October 2017: This weekend marks the anniversary of the formation of the Bund – largest and most significant Jewish socialist movement that has existed.

Jewish Socialists’ Group statement in support of Dr Moshe Machover

4 October 2017: Dr Moshe Machover – a lifelong Israeli socialist, anti-racist and anti-imperialist, who has lived in Britain since 1968 – has been expelled from the Labour Party.

Fight antisemitism and defend free speech

30 July 2017: Statement by the JSG on the uses and abuses of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance “definition” of antisemitism

Jewish Bloc – Not One Day More

29 June 2017: The Jewish Socialists' Group and jewdas are organising a Jewish Bloc to march together on 1st July on the national demonstration in London to get rid of this vicious Conservative government.

For social justice. For a Labour government on 8th June

1 June 2017: The Jewish Socialists’ Group is urging all its members and supporters to campaign in every way they can for a victory for the Labour Party on 8th June under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership.