Jews Against Trump

The Jewish Socialists' Group marched in a Jewish bloc on the protest against Trump's anti-Muslim travel ban on 4th February 2017. Here is the text of the leaflet we handed out.

Jews against Trump

The Jewish Socialists' Group is protesting today as part of a Jewish Bloc against the tidal
wave of racism being unleashed by Donald Trump, with the collusion of our own Prime
Minister, Theresa May.
Muslims and refugees are the spearhead of Trump’s attack on all minorities. They are
bearing the brunt of his cruel travel ban, which has turned lives upside down, separating
babies from their mothers, fathers from their families, and left people shattered and in
limbo across the world.
He believes that the population has been primed to support him by the demonising of
Muslims through the “War on Terror”, and that this wave of attacks on them will pave the
way for an attack on all minorities, vulnerable groups, women, democrats, humanitarians
and fighters for justice – as well as on the environment that we treasure and on which we
all depend. He is wrong. We will not allow these threats, this violence and this hatred
to become normalised.

We know our own history.
We remember that refugees from the Holocaust were interned alongside Nazis in Britain,
and were turned away from the United States, to be rounded up and murdered en masse.
We recognise clearly the antisemitism of Trump and the Far Right appointees he has gathered
around him.
We know that he supports Israel not out of benevolence to Jews but to back Netanyahu’s
occupation of Palestine and aggression against its people, as part of his anti-Muslim,
imperialist agenda, which he defines as a “clash of civilisations”.
We understand that he is boosting and encouraging violent, hate-filled, neo-Nazi forces,
not only in the USA but across the world.
We do have a special relationship with Americans
Our special relationship is with all the Americans protesting at airports, factories, universities
and on the streets to stop this terrifying process. These ordinary people are blocking and
disrupting his attempts at a reign of terror. And in Britain we have shown on the Women’s
March on 21st January, and at Downing Street and in cities across the country last Monday,
that we can also block, disrupt and reject our Prime Minister’s attempts to follow suit.
We are protesting today, as Jews
• in solidarity with and in defence of Muslims and refugees
• against all racism, including Islamophobia and antisemitism
• against misogyny and the control of women’s bodies and lives
• against destruction of the environment
• against the naked greed of corporations at the expense of humanity
This situation is new and it is deadly dangerous. We need to do everything – street protests, of
course, but also imaginative, disruptive, creative, surprising activism – that links all the people
who understand what we're facing in the multiplicity of Trump’s attacks.
It's heartening to see the huge response by people of all communities, backgrounds and
generations defending each other and ourselves. Trump must be stopped.
We have to build on the wave of protest that is coming up from below.
We have to amplify the voices and demands of decent, ordinary people in all their diversity.

We have to collaborate and unite to defend our world against this assault.

Jewish Socialists’ Group
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Posted: 5 February 2017