Jewish Socialist

No 75
Summer 2021

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• Features: Jewish Socialist 75 Editorial
• Features: Describing injustice
• Features: A defining moment
• Features: Partners in hate crime

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Popular struggle in Poplar – 100th anniversary; New melodies for meaningful words; Jewish Roma solidarity; After Trump – voices of American Jewish radicals; Warsaw outing for banner of sisterhood; No penalties for racism; Time to stop financing Polish fascism; Zones of repression; Fringe benefits


Change the World: Green Olive Tours



Describing injustice: Roy Yellin of B’Tselem and Rachel Beitarie of Zochrot analyse the situation in Israel and Palestine today

A defining moment: Julia Bard evaluates the challenge to the IHRA definition posed by the Jerusalem Declaration on Antisemitism 

A fishing expedition: Raf Salkie reviews Jewish Voice for Labour’s analysis of the EHRC report into antisemitism in the Labour Party

Making of an activist: Black, Jewish, feminist and working class – Aviah Day speaks to Jewish Socialist

The Yiddish piece of the Spanish jigsaw: Lynne Walsh talks to Deborah Green, who devotes her life to researching the records of Jews in the Spanish Civil War

Rights for Jews without wrongs to others: David Rosenberg argues for the Bund’s approach of self-determination to counter ethno-nationalist supremacy

Continuing and lively legacy: Michael Zylberman reports on a thriving Bundist community in Melbourne, Australia

Partners in hate crime: Rob Ferguson’s powerful words of protest against Britain’s invitation to Hungary’s leader Viktor Orbán

Choosing conviction over class: John Hilary looks back at the life of socialist film-maker, pacifist and anti-Nazi, Rudolph Messel


Red Lives – review by Lynne Walsh

Shame Pudding – review by Ruby Moshenska

Berlin to London: An emotional history of two refugees – review by Rayah Feldman

Catching Tadpoles: The shaping of a young rebel, a memoir – review by Richard Kuper

Resistance – Voices of exiled writers – review by Charlotte Williams plus poetry


Convoy 62, November 1943: poems by Michael Rosen

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