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No 76
Spring 2022

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Chilean Jews vs the far right
Jewish Socialists support Gypsy, Roma, Travellers
Oil vey! An environmental Hanukkah
Yiddish weekend; Refuseniks


Change the World: Grupa Granica – helping refugees in Poland
Ask the Rabbi


Labour’s Jewish problem
Individual stories which tell an abysmal tale

Olive groves trashed year after year
Farmers in the West Bank are regularly attacked by settlers who are supported by the army. Jenny Kassman reports

Challenging Germany’s anti-antisemitism
Wieland Hoban gives an inside view of the context and dilemmas for Jewish activists

From generation to generation
Descendants of those who took part in the Battle of Cable Street were centre stage on the 85th anniversary. David Rosenberg captures the atmosphere

The brave life and mysterious death of Dora Fabian
Mike Peters shines a light on a role model for radicals

My Bundism is not just a memory
Irena Klepfisz describes growing up amongst Bundists and the impact of their philosophy and politics on her life

Singing to change hearts and minds
Lynne Walsh talks to Isabel Frey about how her updated versions of political Yiddish songs are calling people to action

My Nazi Auntie League
Sybil Cock revisits her childhood as she grew up shuttling between Britain and Austria in the decades after the war

A slice of Jewish life
Vivi Lachs looks at a 1930s Jewish writer who brings to life the ethical and political dilemmas of the time


Labour’s Antisemitism Crisis
London Yiddishtown
There is Nothing So Whole as a Broken Heart


Hanukkah Poem by Michael Rosen
Ten Nights Since They Killed George by Mark Tilsen

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