Jewish Socialist

No 74
Autumn 2020

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Homes sweet homes; Battles for a better world
Israel/Palestine campaigning round-up
Change the World: Zulat human rights think tank
Unity and universalism: Liz Fekete and Janet Darley on rebuilding common struggles
Collective memories in conflict: Michael Rothberg raises fundamental questions about the culture of memory
Annexation: does it mean the death of democracy? Lev Taylor dared to raise the topic of Israel/Palestine with his congregation
What do the Israelis teach western police forces? Jeff Halper explores the export of securitisation
Gaza: the battle for health: Colin Green reports on the how medical services are coping
Klezmer class: Lynne Walsh talks to klezmer violinist Ilana Cravitz
Memories of Jewish life in China: Mike HCollectieiser explores the history of the community in Harbin
To be like Esther Riskind: Magdalena Koslowska describes the lives of inspirational Bundist women
Always with the oppressed: David Rosenberg tracks Marek Edelman’s life against the dramatic changes in Poland
Life is wonderful: Andrew Feinstein honours the life of anti-apartheid campaginer, Denis Goldberg
To be Someone by Ian Stone – review by Ruth Lukom and Mike Gerber
The Missing: The true story of my family in World War II by Michael Rosen – review by Joseph Glaser
The Jewish Question: A marxist interpretation by Abram Leon – review by Julia Bard
Stories from a Migrant City by Ben Rogaly – review by Mike Heiser
Apeirogon by Colum McGann – review by Simon Lynn
Jeremy Hardy Speaks Volumes edited by Katie Barlow and David Tyler – review by Lynne Walsh
Rosa Luxemburg by Dana Mills – review by Stephen marks
Der Fremder in der Fremd by Irena Klepfisz

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